Who we are YAHAD - IN UNUM
Why Yahad - in Unum
hebrew Yahad = Together
latin In Unum = As one

By learning from the past and educating in the present, we work to prevent genocide and mass killings in the future.

Yahad – In Unum combines the Hebrew word – Yahad, meaning “together,” with the Latin phrase In Unum, meaning “in one”.

Our organization seeks to unsilence a chapter of history that has remained silent for far too long. In the former Soviet Union, we seek out eyewitnesses to the executions of Jews and Roma as we work towards identifying each execution site and mass grave.

The surviving witnesses are in their 80’s and 90’s, and their first-person accounts of history will soon no longer be available.

The window of opportunity to collect the evidence is rapidly closing. Without eyewitness testimony, it will be impossible to identify the location of the mass graves and collect the evidence of the genocide.

Yahad-In Unum works towards its mission in 3 different ways:


Yahad – In Unum identifies mass Jewish killing sites and collects forensic evidence of the executions. Our team videotapes witnesses’ testimonies to these killings.

To this day, Yahad has effectuated research concerning over 3000 execution sites and has gathered over 7000 testimonies during the course of research trips across 8 countries since 2004 (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia).


Yahad – In Unum conducts international workshops and graduate-level seminars to contribute to Holocaust scholarship and the study of genocide.

The Sorbonne in Paris and Georgetown University are the organization’s academic partners. YIU also offers academic programs and collaborates closely with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


The “Holocaust by Bullets” was a model for the mass violence that continues to be so prevalent in the world today.

Exposing a largely unknown chapter of the Holocaust is helping to bring closure to the memory of the victims. It is important to know that Yahad-In Unum is not merely focused on the past.

Our work serves to influence all societies to examine the darker recesses of history and to speak out against today’s global disease of genocide.


Yahad - In Unum


American Friends of Yahad - In Unum:

President : Alan Zekelman

YAHAD Mid-America

President: Abie Ingber

*Yahad-In Unum is not a politically affiliated organization, nor does it advocate any political, economic or military action be taken by any group or nation. Rather, its mission is to uncover facts of genocidal practices wherever they are found and provide a voice of protest on behalf of all victims and potential victims of genocide.