Editor’s Note:

The post below is signed by Robin Massee, Executive Director of American Friends of Yahad- In Unum, who is accompanying the research trip to Romania.

August 25, 2015

In a scant 48 hours, I have departed the hustle and bustle of New
York, stopped in Paris for a brief moment to say hi to colleagues in
Paris and onto a plane to Munich, where I change to another plane to
Timisoara in Romania… Adrian meets me there for the 3-hour drive
to Sibiu.

Sibiu, the 2007 European Cultural Capital, rich in history, culture
and art, that I celebrated in NY in another life… Today my trip
has another historical purpose and meaning: I am joining a Yahad
team on a research investigation to find and give voice to victims
of the killings of Jews and Roma during WWII. The team has been
investigating around Sibiu for a week.

As we drive good roads speeding towards Sibiu, with hills and
farmland all around us, Adrian stops to get water and local grapes,
Muscat Ottonel, so sweet and juicy.

Arriving at the hotel, Valy and Katya meet me—welcome smiles from
colleagues. I meet the other teammates, drivers, investigators, see
Paris, Oscar and meet Victoria whom I know through her pictures of
YIU’s work. A debriefing of the day is underway: It has been long,
with some good interviews but frustrating also: some witnesses,
having agreed to give testimonies, refused to speak when the team
arrived. And so it goes with Yahad investigations: you forge ahead
looking for the truth. As Valy said: “today we got quality
interviews, as opposed to quantity”.

Tomorrow we will head out again. I am happy to be among them. A
group of people who have chosen to search for the truth so as to pay
respect to victims and uncover untold monstrosities. Searching
perhaps for a better world…


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